Keter Store It Out MIDI Review

I decided to write a review about Keter Store It Out MIDI because my mum got one just recently. She has a knack for growing herbs and flowers and landscaping. This made getting her a present easy. She would always get garden tools of different shades. She has a lot of these that she needed an outdoor storage box to keep them. I took the liberty of doing a review of my mums plastic storage unit for my mum and those like me who do background checks before buying stuff.

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Product Dimensions

*all measurements are estimates only

Weight : 18.1 kg
Material : Plastic

This is the smallest variation of Keter Store It Out Max and Keter Store It Out Ultra. It comes in beige – brown colour–perhaps to give you a natural feel like you would have in a wooden storage and to match the green garden lawn. It comes with a floor panel and a few options specifically hydraulic pistons for lid opening, built-in support for a wooden shelf, and metal hinges. This plastic garden storage can contain two 32 gallon trash cans.

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✔Worry-Free from moulds
✔Weather resistant
✔Easy to assemble
✔Easy to clean
✔Less maintenance
✔Wide entry



A Short Video of Keter Store It Out MIDI

Pros in detail

No Mould

Moulds are a big threat to wooden sheds. A moist environment such as a garden is conducive to mould growth. But if your shed is made out of plastic, you don’t need to worry about moulds. I guess this is one good reason my mum chose to a plastic garden storage over a wooden one.

Weather Resistant

The good thing about plastic is that it is pretty much resistant to all types of weather condition. Especially the thickness is sufficient enough and if the plastic is engineered or reinforced. I tried looking up if the plastic Keter uses is reinforced. In case it is not, I am counting on the thickness of the plastic to withstand the harshest weather conditions. I’ve seen a lot of reviews from people who already have this storage box saying how happy they are that it kept the things inside dry.

Easy to Assemble

I can pretty much say it is easy to assemble since she was able to do it on her own. Though I’m thinking that one of the reasons she was able to do it is because of the MacGyver TV series that my mum is a big fan of.

Easy to clean

What I like about the Keter Store It Out MIDI is that again, since it is made of plastic, it is easy to clean. A sponge or damp cloth pretty much does the job. This way, I won’t have to worry about my mum exhausting herself too much.

Less Maintenance

I love seeing wooden furniture and wooden sheds in gardens. I like the how stuff made of wood feels environment-friendly and in-tune with nature. But what I do not like about them is maintenance. And if you have a wooden shed like the one I have in my garden, maintenance is going to be quite costly. Having a plastic storage I guess has this advantage over a wooden storage. Minimal to no maintenance is needed.

Wide Entry

What separates the Keter Store It Out MIDI from all other plastic storages, or garden boxes is the extra wide entry. It opens on the top like a regular garden storage box and the front opens up like a door. This is a big factor in terms of competition against other products in my opinion since this is the first plastic storage box I’ve seen that opens in a unique way.

Cons in detail


Although it is mentioned above that being weatherproof is an advantage, it is still made of plastic. As a result, it inherits the same weaknesses of plastic I can think of like extreme temperatures and fire. Too much heat and the plastic will soften a bit–this, of course, affects the overall sturdiness of the structure. Yes, wooden storages are prone to fire, but there are fire-proofing treatments available. I tried researching if Keter plastic is fire resistant but to no avail.


The Keter Store It Out MIDI plastic storage comes with the option to have locks. However, security is still something I am concerned with since obviously, plastic is not as hard as wood or metal. I’ve tried putting myself in a garden-tools-thief point of view and I’m pretty sure I can open a plastic storage with less to no noise faster than that made of a wood or metal.

Things to consider when Buying a Garden Storage


This is one of the first things I look at in anything I buy. I find peace in a product that has already established a reputation. After all, you won’t have your name associated with something that is not going to be productive. And if a product comes from a well-known brand, this brings us to the next thing I look for.


This is also something you would want to look for. This ensures that should there be any inconvenience, your money is not wasted. Take time to find out the time frame of returning items in case it arrives with damage or incorrect parts. It would be disappointing to see that an item that has warranty has a time frame of a month before the replacement. All Keter products mentioned in this review come with a 2-year warranty.


This is the classic comparison between needs and wants. You may find some items that offer a lot more with a price difference. But then again they won’t be something you need. Don’t get caught up with the trend or the flashy advertisement. Stick with what you need and consider a few stuff like your garden allotment, what to put inside, etc. and later on, you will realise that prioritising needs over wants is a decision you will not regret.


Please pay special attention to this. This is probably the most easily overlooked part when buying a garden storage. A lot of mishaps happen during this phase. In my opinion, find a product that already has downloadable assembly instructions prior to purchase. This is a good feature I found out on the website of Keter.


[amazon link=”B003AQH3J2″ title=”Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box” /]

[amazon box=”B003AQH3J2″]

External Dimensions: 140cmW x 84cmH x 60cm D
Internal Dimensions: 128cm W x 38cm H x 50cmD
Weight: 7.2 kg

*all measurements are estimates only

I love how the Keter Eden Bench acts both as a bench and a storage box. Although no max user weight capacity is mentioned, people who already bought this have confirmed that it can hold up to 30 stones. And just like the Keter Store It Out MIDI, it is very easy to assemble. This is also an attractive indoor choice of storage box because of the design. All of it is weatherproof except for the cushion that you sit on.

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[amazon link=”B016I9E5KC” title=”Keter Sherwood Storage Box” /]

[amazon box=”B016I9E5KC”]

External Dimensions: 117cmW x 57.5cm H x 45cm D
Internal Dimensions: 116cm W x 57.3cm H x 44cm D
Weight: 7.3 kg

*all measurements are estimates only

This is a good alternative if you need something smaller than the Store It Out MIDI. The feature that distinguished it from the Store It Out MIDI is that besides a regular storage box is its’ ability to hold up to 200kg on top of it. It has built-in handles and rollers so you can move it around easily. And of course, has the same pros and cons as a plastic storage box would have. What I like about this is that it looks much more like made of wood when compared with the Store it Out MIDI.

[amazon link=”B016I9E5KC” title=”Learn More” /]

[amazon link=”B009UVCLQ6″ title=”Keter Sherwood Storage Box” /]

[amazon box=”B009UVCLQ6″]

External Dimensions: 129.5cm W x 62.5cm H x 70cm D
Internal Dimensions: 114cm W x 54cm H x 59.5cm D
Weight: 16 kg

*all measurements are estimates only

If you are looking for something in between the Keter Sherwood and Store It Out MIDI, Keter’s Borneo Plastic Storage box is what you are looking for. What makes it unique is the wicker/rattan appearance and its automatic opening mechanism. It can also act as a seat for two with a maximum weight capacity of 220kg on top of it. But unlike the Sherwood, it does not have wheels. It can be pretty heavy but is justifiable since it also acts as a bench.

[amazon link=”B009UVCLQ6″ title=”Learn More” /]


The [amazon link=”B00Q43ZJM6″ title=”Keter Store It Out MIDI” /] is great for a garden space that has a little allotment. It keeps its contents dry despite heavy rains.  Proven by other reviewers as a good storage for garden tools, trash bins, and small bikes. It appears that others who bought this garden storage box came to love that it is very easy to assemble and it requires less maintenance. [amazon link=”B00Q43ZJM6″ title=”Here” /] is where my mum got hers.

What do you think ?

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