What To Do During Log Cabin Weekend Breaks

Weekend breaks are probably the most-awaited days in a week. There’s no doubt about that. All of us want to have that moment when we could shut office works out and simply make the most of the time with our family and friends. For some, they opt to go to theme parks, malls, or just zone out in their homes and prepare good food. No problems with that at all!

But if you’d like to up the ante, you might want to go for the more exciting and extraordinary family activities such as, well, log cabin holidays! This type of holiday break is becoming more and more popular in the UK and in Ireland where log homes are frequently erected.

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Nothing screams peace and fun quite like a day or two at an exquisitely-constructed log home holiday lodge that offers a variety of fun games and amenities you and your family can enjoy. The nostalgic feeling log cabins give you is a nice bonus! You’re lucky if the place’s recently undergone a massive makeover. Sweet treat! Then you can probably learn some great home design ideas!

Depending on the package, most log holidays normally have amenities such as massage centres, swimming pools, buffets, sports centres and gyms, or even man-made lagoons or ponds for fishing.

But besides these, there are other equally entertaining and relaxing recreational activities that are well worth a try.

Rent A Bike

If you enjoy a relaxing time in the woods or trails because if feels like you’re sent straight to a totally different planet every time, you are in for a treat as there are lodges that offer bikes for rent. Not only do you get to enjoy wonderful scenes, but you also get to exercise (flex those leg muscles, mate), something that you don’t normally have the chance to do during office hours.

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A quiet time in the woods with a boatload of sweats to boot is tantamount to unparalleled relaxation! Now that’s something you’d wish to repeatedly do.


You may find this a bit cliched, but fishing is your quintessential holiday activity that brings you fun, and, well, a bucketful of fresh fish!

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You’re lucky if the lodge you’ve chosen is situated near a pond or lagoon. Else, they definitely need to have a man-made fishing area around or your holiday becomes an utter bore!

Ice Fishing

If a run-of-the-mill fishing activity makes you cringe because you’ve done it one too many times, you might want to try ice fishing! This is no different from ordinary fishing, except that this one’s done in an ice-covered lake or pond.

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What you do is shoot hooks into a hole or opening in the ice in hopes of catching fish. If you don’t get any, at least you learned a thing or two about patience. On the off-chance you catch one, then you’re one happy camper!

Horseback Riding or Trekking

Channel your inner equestrian by trying out this age-old sport. Some lodge holidays offer this activity, and it is imperative, if not highly-recommended, to give this a shot. Checking out the surrounding sceneries becomes much more amazing if you have a friendly stallion to keep you company. Besides, it’s not everyday that we get to be around these charming creatures.

Zoos and Animal Parks

Most, if not all, log home holidays are located at the foot of mountains. This means you’re a few inches away from meeting unbelievably adorable animals. What better way to experience the beauty of Mother Nature than to engage in a friendly encounter with animals that could go from as tiny as birds or beavers, to as massive as mountain lions or gorillas. Think of it as a way of establishing a deep connection with the environment. Besides, taking a day off from work means doing things that’ll feed your soul.

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Depending on what interests you, log cabin weekend breaks will introduce you to fun activities that will not only make you forget your daily office work but will also lift your spirits and prepare you for what’s up ahead. And maybe one day you’ll find yourself desiring to have a log home instead of a conventional dwelling place.